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(this covers p. 126-133)

We have what we seek. It is there all the time, and if we give it time, it will make itself known to us. . . Not that we discover a new unity. We discover an older unity. We are already one. But we imagine that we are not. And what we have to recover is our original unity. What we have to be is what we are.     Thomas Merton

We are reminded here that it is the thoughts that I cling to, that I hold onto in my creation that also create the frequency that I live in.

There is a metaphysical maxim that states, “Energy follows thought” or here we could say “Frequency follow thought.” 
I’ve often wondered how or why my thoughts could affect my energy level. When I think in terms of thoughts and the frequency/energy they create, the idea made a lot more sense to me.

Negative thoughts are “heavy” they can literally weigh me down.  Healing, healthy, affirming, loving thoughts truly lighten the load.

And my thoughts, my frequency are not just men alone—the effect everyone and everything.

LUKE 9: “12Every thought that you think is heard literally around the world. 13The consciousness of man is shaken by your every thought. 14And so it is through thought that you teach, no matter what you are saying or doing, and no matter where you are.”

Excerpt From: Regina Dawn Akers. “The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of the New Testament (NTI).

But this is not about avoidance either. I know I have some mistaken notions about that. There have been times in my life when I was in a job I did not like or experiencing an unhealthy relationship, and I felt as if I was supposed to stay in it, until I had “fixed’ it or until I no long had any bad feelings about it. That kind if thinking was “mistaken metaphysics.” Of course, there will come a time when we will not be bothered by anything—but until we reach that level of consciousness, lets be kind, gentle, and loving to ourselves and not deliberately put ourselves into situations where we tend to become victimized. As we continue to realize who we truly are—the Christ Consciousness, we will be less and less weighed down by negative circumstances. 
So I have to focus on living life as lovingly as I can and grow in “wisdom, age, and grace.”

And the here is where discernment enters the process. I’m hoping I can explain this one simply. 

The book and practically all other spiritual literature, including the Bible uses the concept of judgment as an action or thought directed to another person. Since we never know what is going on in the heart of another, we are directed not to judge. (It is also pretty clear when we begin to judge another that we easily lose track of our own stuff.) My judgment can also be directed towards, books, movies, and life events in general when I start labeling things as being good or bad. Again, I think we can see how that kind of energy and thought simply adds to a sense of separation.
Discernment, which is also described as a gift of the Holy Spirit is an intelligent and intuitive action determining what is best for me—-not good or bad, but what works for me now. 
I might find that I am perceiving myself to be in a difficult place in my life where I feel as if my energy is low and my ability to cope is not very good, and so I might rightfully discern that I need to stay home and pray, mediate, watch TV, have a ham sandwich, rather than go to the party my in-laws are having where there is going to be a lot of drinking and loudness, etc.

That is perfectly valid. I am not judging anybody, I’m simply aware that this is not right for me at the time.

At some other time in my life, I might decide to go to a similar kind of party because there are some people there I would enjoy seeing or I want to support my spouse or some other valid reason. Again, I am not judging..

HERE IS THE BIG CHALLENGE. Discernment only works in the higher frequencies. I can use my ego mind to rationalize practically any behavior—-that is a lower frequency of thought, but a very seductive one. 

The results of discernment are not always fun or enjoyable. Sometimes my inner voice is leading me to thoughts and actions which are difficult and push me towards growth. So discernment is not necessarily about what make me feel good—it is about WHAT IS RIGHT FOR ME. And being able to know this—to be in MY KNOWING takes practice.

We are already aware of energy and frequency and how we respond to it, we just have not been aware of our knowing.
We know when something is bothering someone close to us; we know when we have entered into an angry situation even if it does not appear that way; we know when we have been “slimed’; we know when we are loved. Practice this knowing.

There is a continuing “infinity” loop we follow here. I raise my frequency through love, I see you more and more as the consciousness of Christ/Love, and therefore I see myself more and more as the consciousness of Christ/Love and as I see myself more and more as the consciousness of Christ/Love, I see you more and more as the consciousness ofChrist/Love and so on.

It’s not the old falsehood, “Well, if you don’t love yourself, you can’t love anybody else.”

Love and the expression and flow of Love is a matter of degree. You (and everyone else) is already “it” as you raise your frequency in consciousness, the flow from you and towards you increases until there is the awareness of Pure Love.—that’s it.

Peace, be well.

To all of you that were there last Sunday 3/1—thank you for letting me share my music. I would love to be able to do that again some time.

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