Monday, November 24, 2014

I AM THE WORD review #1

As we are coming to a close of chapter One—The Word, I thought it might be a good time to recap.

One of my favorite expressions is: “The Good News is ‘You are not who you think you are.”’

Aside from being aware that you are energy, or frequency, it might be helpful simply to realize you are more than what you might have previously thought, and you are open to expanding your viewpoint and understanding of the self.

A wise teacher began all his imageries/ mediations with the following induction (I’m giving you the brief form): “You have a body, but you are not your body, you are much more than that; you have feelings and emotions, but you are not your feelings or emotions, you are much more than that; you have thoughts and a mind, but you are not your thoughts nor your mind, you are much more than that. You are more than your body, more than your feelings, more than your mind and thoughts.” 

The object here is to allow your understanding of self to go beyond the usual self-imposed boundaries.

I came across another illustration of this expanded viewpoint in an imagery, which I will summarize here: Imagine that you are floating in space, and in one of your hands is a large, heavy, transparent plastic bag. You begin to throw into the bag everything you think you are—your thoughts, your feelings, your roles in life, even the really important ones like father, grandmother, minister, friend…, all your sensations, your talent, memories, your past and anything you might be clinging to either positively or negatively, your future, your guilt, fears, joys, sorrows, your body, anything else you are aware that you identify with—throw it all in the bag…When you are done, release the bag and watch it float away.
Now, the You that is left is much more who you truly are than anything else!!!!

The Buddhists suggest, “Imagine a time when you never were.” And you can’t!

So that awareness is a step in the process, and to use the language of the text, I’m sure you can get a feel for the distinct vibration/frequency of particular roles and thought patterns we might identify with. 

If I am distractedly cooking dinner and thinking about someone I can't stand and with whom I had an argument with at work that day, my vibration is certainly going to be different than if I were cooking dinner lovingly and thinking about how much I care for my family and am looking forward to offering  them this form of physical nurturing. 

You can think of your own examples of that one, the point is that once we become aware, we now can make choices about what kind of vibes we are creating and what kind of vibes we are putting out there.

We are always creating. When I am consciously aware, I can begin to consciously create what I truly desire. 

If I am not aware or “asleep” then I will be creating the same stuff I always have created and very possibly view myself as a victim.

Now I am not suggesting that we are always going to understand our creations, especially if they might take the form of illness or accident.
Rev. Ray pointed out a couple of weeks ago, being grateful does not necessarily mean being grateful that I wrecked my car or got shingles or whatever. What it does mean is that I have a choice to look for the grace and vibrate in the frequency of grace rather than anger.

Believe me, I'm just a bird chirping int he same nest we are all living in. I cannot understand or control life with my intellect. In realms of the Spirit I am always dealing with a “me” of limited understanding. I will forever be in the realm of mystery, that only my heart can embrace.

Monday, November 17, 2014

I AM THE WORD p. 62-66

The language and emphasis of this text is different from what we usually encounter. One of the reasons is that we sometimes need a change in language and focus in order to take some ideas and truths that have lost their impact for us.

We have heard so often, “I am a child of God; I am made in the image and likeness of God; I am the creation of of Love I am unconditionally loved; I am unconditional love.” 
The intellect gets jaded and bored and responds with, “Yeah, yeah, what else is new?” It is so easy to lose those deep truths because the mind is looking for more drama, more zip.
Very similar truths to the above are in this text, but now put into the language of Word and frequency, so we have to put aside our old used up, dried up expressions and experience the Truth in some deeper ways.

The mind will continually question, “What does this mean, ‘I am Word.”’ “What does it mean to be Word; what am I meaning when I say this?“ The thing to realize is that the mind will never be satisfied for long at any answer. That is just the nature of the mind. If it were not so, there would be no curiosity, not exploration, no creativity.
It’s fine to seek answers to those questions, simply realize no matter how wonderful the answer you discover is, you will be asking the same question again a week from now.

The answers are not to be found in satisfying the intellect, even though it’s fine to continue working with that piece. It is the heart, the soul, your inner being that will resonate with the Truth.

So as I explore the deeper meanings of “I Am Word,” I begin to discover that phrase is “shorthand” for many spiritual truths.
"I am Word" means: "I Am a child of God; thoughts (of love, God, peace, etc.) never leave there source; I am one with God; there is no separation; the power of God, the Divine power of creativity is within me…." The list could be endless, but I think you get the idea.

There are so many marvelous prayers and affirmations throughout this book, and they are all ways of claiming our Divine power that is already present: to heal; transform; love; grow….

             THE BODY and ENERGY

We have begun to think and experience ourselves as energy, not just a physical body.

But how often do we remember that? Most of the time we are just moping along—thinking—subliminally we are a body—what that does is continually reenforce that limited sense of who we are.

I would encourage saying* that affirmation/prayer on p. 64—read and imagine what that is like.

“As I sit quietly, I will now experience myself as energy and I will set this intention: I am Word through my intention to experience myself in the higher frequencies. I affirm that my vibration is lightening and lifting in a way that I may know, trust, and feel. I am being supported in this work by the guides and the teachers who are working with us through this time. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”
So be it. God bless you. I Am Word.”

*It would benefit all of us to say these affirmation/prayers out loud.


The test describes Paul’s resistance as having the elements of skepticism and wariness.

Victoria’s resistance is described differently, as taking the form of  challenging of accuracy and consistency.

You might notice that both of these sets of resistance’s are primarily intellectual.

We can also have resistance in the areas of emotional and/or spirit. 

A piece of my resistance might be stated as follows: “Well, OK, here’s another method, here’s another book, here’s another channeled thing that’s supposed to change me and the world. OK, I’ll bite-let’s see what happens. (but I find myself doubtful). Now that’s a combination of Paul’s skepticism along with my own fear of disappointment—or I should say my ego’s fear of disappointment. 
“Well, you know, I’ve tried this and I‘ve tried that, and I’m still the same old %%&&^$%%$ I always was."

Do you see the problem here? The "I" that I am expecting to change isn’t really who I am. 
That’s what I am discovering. When we speak of enlightenment or transformation, we are not speaking about getting rid of something,  doing something differently, or creating a different reality. We are speaking of coming to the realization of what already exists, what always has existed.

John 1:1-3New International Version (NIV)
1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in the beginning. 3 Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.

This is who you are. Deny it; run from it, but that will not change the truth of it.


We are all both teachers and students in the classroom of Planet Earth, and this text is a not only a map, but also fuel for the journey.

“In some ways, what we are giving you is an action and a progression of events that will unfold as you partake in the exercises we connect to this writing. And we say to you that on this level the connections are profound because they will align you frequency-wise to the work that we intend. The intellectual manifestations of this text in writing, in verbal communication that is then transcribed onto a page, is actually secondary to the information that is brought through on a Christ level into the consciousness of the reader, or the “experiencer” through the process of engaging the text energetically.”

A gentle yet powerful reminder that this text is an experience, not just an intellectual exercise.



Thursday, November 13, 2014

I AM THE WORD P. 57-62 part 2

The text mentions “three things we wish to tell you about manifestation.”

I had a difficult time discerning exactly what those three things are as I read the following paragraphs. So without getting stuck in logic or trying to narrow things down into three precise ideas, let me try and summarize—and perhaps I will make more sense out of it myself.

First be aware that: Our creations can occur on many levels, and we are always creating. What follows now in the book focuses on the highest form of creative power, and that is connecting with your Divine essence as Word.

“You cannot manifest that which is not for your highest good without approving it at some level. ”
You cannot consciously create something deliberately harmful to you or another (remember we are speaking of this highest form of creation—claiming our Divine power as Word) , BUT even though we might be creating for our “highest good” we are not always aware of what that is, and so it is very easy for us to be using our creative power to create lesser things with good intentions, but which do not necessarily reflect our highest good.
I might think having a new car or a new home or a new partner might be for my highest good, and I might use my creative energy in that direction, but those things that I desire might not be in my highest good at all.

I have to face it—look at all the crap I’ve created in my life,  that I convinced myself was for my highest good, but was really the wants and needs of my appetites and ego.

Right now it’s very easy to start philosophizing and conjecturing of “What  about this? What about that?” You can do that if you want to, but its useless and a waste of time.

Point one—You (don’t think or wonder about anyone else, just you) cannot use the manifestation of Word for destructive reasons.

Point two—When what you have created boomerangs on you, and you realize, “Oh, that really wasn’t for my highest good.” you are still responsible for that creation (and cleaning up the mess).

Point three— “The final thing we wish to say about manifestation today is that you are the one who chooses. We are giving you advice, we are giving you instruction, and we are actually laying out a blueprint by which you can change your life through acclimating to the Christ energy, which is who you are in truth. But you are the one who has to choose it, and anything else that is chosen in this life, in this way, is chosen by you, no matter what you give of by way of authority to another, you are the one in choice. No one else can choose for you. No one else can change you. No one else can heal you in the beliefs that you hold. We can only honor you and give you instruction to vibrate with the frequencies that will allow you to make the changes you require to transform yourself and your thinking and your consciousness as and into the frequency of Word.”


There was a question this week about “What does it mean to be Word?”
We will probably be asking and answering this question in many ways throughout this book.

(you might also want to take a look on p.87-88 when Victoria asks a similar question)

Present answer. The idea and sense of WORD is from John’s gospel. “In the beginning was the Word….” This is the essence of who you are—you are Word—you are the unique divine expression of God—not this human form you inhabit or your past or your memories or your failures or your accomplishments. You are Word—you are the Word of God—everything else is secondary.

This is the task of the text to remind us; to reenforce the truth of who you are.

“Word” as it used here is much more than an ordinary word. Word here is taken from the original meaning in John’s gospel, translated from the Greek, it is LOGOS.

The theologian Frank Stagg put it this way, “God and the Logos are not two beings, and yet they are also not simply identical. ... The Logos is God active in creation, revelation, and redemption.” 
And You are the Word, the Logos.

Although he does not use the word Logos, the mystic Meister Eckhart expresses this same union of God and creation: 
“When God made man, he put into the soul his equal, his active, everlasting masterpiece. It was so great a work that it could not be otherwise than the soul and the soul could not be otherwise than the work of God. God's nature, his being, and the Godhead all depend on his work in the soul. Blessed, blessed be God that he does work in the soul and that he loves his work! That work is love and love is God. God loves himself and his own nature, being and Godhead, and in the love he has for himself he loves all creatures, not as creatures but as God. The love God bears himself contains his love for the whole world.”

I'd like to add a link to a recorded meditation called Being of Light. I believe it also reflects the essence of this work. 
If you click on the heading below, the link to the meditation should open up.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I AM THE WORD P. 57-62 part 1

“I am Word through this understanding of the Creator that I am at one with. I am Word through my intention to know myself as loved by my Creator.”

“These two affirmations will actually support you in your own knowing and your own acclimating to the understanding that you are loved.”

“How can you not be loved by love?”

This question and our acknowledgment of it as Truth is the essence of ALL spiritual teaching. Without this, spirituality is either an intellectual exercise or an emotional trip which is completely dependent on external situations.
The way Paul (the Evangelist) put it: 
1 Corinthians 13:
If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. If I give away all I have, and if I deliver my body to be burned, but have not love, I gain nothing.

And it is not just about being loving; it is about being Love. Our task is to love until we realize there is truly nothing else. 
It is sometimes frightening and challenging to allow ourselves to go beyond those self-imposed boundaries of lack and unworthiness, but that is the ultimate task of Spirit.
We will be returning to the Love theme periodically, but please keep in mind no matter what words are being used, not matter what tasks are being preformed, no matter what the ideas that are being explored, it is all about loving yourself, letting God and others love you, and flowing with the truth of love as who you truly are.

I said this in a sermon awhile ago, and I think it fits here. I am trying to love the me I think I am with the me that I think I am—-can’t happen. I’m trying to make myself worthy with the part of me that doesn’t think it is worthy. Can’t happen.

So much of the work of claiming ourselves as WORD is to allow ourselves to be helped and guided to a deeper, more true sense of the essence of who we are; to be aware of that inner/Divine self; to identify with it and to love from it. That is the Christ Consciousness, that is our birthright.

I certainly struggle with this one, and what I have learned is that my first response when confronted with the task of loving myself is to make a list of all the ways I do not love myself and all the ideas/beliefs/pieces of past history that get in the way of my accepting love. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would encourage you not to go that route—it simply does not work and usually creates more difficulties.

The best and simplest approach I know of is to become more and more aware of those times/circumstances/people/places and things in your life that allow you to be more loving, to accept love. Once you are aware—DO IT MORE!!!!!!!!!!
Don’t save a favorite song or restaurant or book or friend for a special occasion. Every moment you can love more deeply; experience more joy is a special occasion.

Say this one often: 
“I am a child of God. I am the knowing of myself as a child of God coming into himself as the Christ. As I do this, I understand and I believe the deep love of my Creator is supporting me in ways I know, touch, experience and realize in fullness. I know myself as loved. I know myself as loved. I know myself as loved. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

You’ve probably noticed that all these teachings are supplemented by a prayer/affirmation like the above. I would encourage you to say them out loud, even if you are just by yourself. Each one of these prayers/affirmations are reinforcing the powerful experience of our transformation.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

I AM THE WORD p. 54-57.5

OK, Let’s explore p. 54-57.5

Three major aspects here: 1) a simple, powerful explanation of the process of Transformation (we are into just getting rid of something from the past, and not just passively opening ourselves up to good thing synth future.  We are becoming an ACTIVE part in producing this positive shift with the  Creative Energy of the Divine. 
2) Distinguishing an old style of prayer, what I call the “Please, God, OH, Please God, Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssse, God” kind of prayer from what is talked about in #1—realizing and working with the creative force and divine within.
3) God/Love/the Universe—whatever words you want to call the Divine Presence is NOT an indifferent or impersonal force. It’s essence is love, not mechanics (garbage in/garbage out). It cannot be explained or understood with the mind/intellect. Essentially, IT is mystery that can only be embraced with the Heart.


Here is the outline for this process of transformation:
1) Claiming the Intention; 2)Acclimating to the (new) frequency; 3) Receptivity to the results.

The first piece is fairly simple and straight forward. I become aware of what it is I want and I fashion my intention in the form of a “Word” prayer. Another way of saying that is  I am consciously using my Divine power of creation to do something.
I realize that most of us think we SHOULD be asking for something deeply spiritual here, but the field of what you want and ask for is wide open. (If you want to skip ahead a bit you can read what the guides have to say to Victoria about just this same kind of situation. see p. 88-89 in the text.)

“I am Word through this intention to….(fill in the blank). Word I am Word.”

Now, since you have created a new/deeper/different vibration/frequency with your intention, you now need to acclimate yourself to it.

If I am “Wording” my intention to have a new car, I am going to need to allow myself to acclimate to that new vibration. I am going to need to allow myself to get used to how it feels to have a new car, even though I am not experiencing this on a material level yet. (This is another way of "acting as if." We are simply bypassing the material world intellect for awhile).

If I decide that I want to be more loving and compassionate, I am going to have to allow myself to get used to that new vibration. How does it feel to have my heart more open? What is it like to be more aware of another’s pain?

I’m sure you can think of many more examples.

Then there is the third step:  “I am in my reception of my intentions, reaping the benefits of that which I have called forth into being. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

There are many things that can happen here, and I am working on becoming aware of as many as I can.

Let me keep it simple and a little silly. Suppose I want an apple, and I make my prayer/affirmation/intention:
 “I am Word through this intention to have an apple. Word I am Word.”

I could discover that I am sitting under an apple tree, and that would be very cool. I could find myself driving by an apple stand. I could discover I have a dollar in my pocket and walk to the store and buy an apple. A neighbor could stop by my house and gift me with an apple. (Think of some more.)

Any or all and many more possibilities could present themselves in my quest for an apple. Acclimating myself to the new frequency of “appleness” allows me to be more and more aware of these possibilities.

And in the third step I am not just passively aware, I am open to receiving.


The text now makes that prayer distinction—between the "Please, please me" prayer and what the book calls “stating your own worth as the receiver of an answered prayer.”

When I was still living in a deeper sense of separation consciousness, those "please me" prayers were truly from the heart, so I do not want to take anything away from them. Now we viewing prayer, not as a request to someone or something out there. We are understand prayer as being the claiming of our Creative Power.

                         Last piece today. 
As all of us became more and more familiar with the language of creating our own reality and manifestation, the word and concept of "Universe" began to replace the word and concept of "God."
For many people that was simply a way of releasing old ideas of a God out there someplace who judged and punished, etc., but I always felt there was something missing.

I understood the metaphysical concept that negative thoughts create a negative reality, and that on some level our creative power works on a computer-like mechanized basis (garbage in-garbage out///you have a negative program you are going to get negative results).

But something was still missing. I couldn't imagine a sick person coming up to Jesus and Him saying, “Oh, sorry, garbage in, garbage out!”

Where is the love, where is the grace, where is the compassion?

So I’m going to have to continue doing my own work with this one. Ultimately there is a space where God and I are One. Until I am There all the time I am going to continue to be aware of grace, love, compassion, accepting responsibility for my own creations, asking for help when I feel stuck, and loving the Mystery of it all.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I AM THE WORD p. 52-54

We are extending our lesson on releasing/changing/transforming old patterns of behavior, thought and belief that no longer serve us.
Please be aware of the subtle and sometimes not so subtle judgmental voice of the ego that can creep in here. This is not about judgment so much as it is about awareness. 
Please remember also, I don’t know this stuff any better than you. I am simply “teaching what I want to learn.”

(Some of this might be repetitious, but I hope in a meaningful way).

Patterns are created to make life easier; to make responses to certain life situations automatic, so the tasks are quick, painless and don’t need to involve much thought. Again, this is something we do naturally. We streamline ordinary or predictable areas in our lives so that they seem to take up less time and effort.

I make the bed as soon as I get up; I do the dishes right after the meal. I exercise after I meditate in the morning; I walk the dog right after my first cup of coffee. 
It is natural for us to create a scheme or a predictable pattern this way.

We also create patterns of thought/belief/behavior for more meaningful reasons. Most often these patterns are created to help us fit in, to feel more secure, to offer a sense of belonging, and most of all to keep us safe. (You can explore this one more deeply if you like—it is only the ego that needs to feel safe—I’m not going to get into that one today—it’s bigger than this lesson).

I want to delineate pattens into a few different categories:
  1. Those we have consciously created, and which we are aware of the root, the incident or circumstance that triggered the necessity of this protective pattern. (Paul’s example of the bicycle fits here, and I am sure we can all come up with some of our own. An important piece in the text here is that the guides help Paul to be aware that he not only created a pattern of protection, but also connected to that protection  a convoluted sense of nurturing and attention he could get if he was made fun of. (See, the ego just loves to make things sticky.
  2. Then there are patterns that are more general in nature; one’s that we consciously create, but are not based around a particular event. Suppose I say to myself, “Every time I bring to focus my accomplishments, I am accused of bragging and being puffed up.”  Well, that doesn’t feel very good. So I create a pattern of behavior that anytime I do something that I feel is an accomplishment, I find some subtle way of drawing people’s attention to it, but I also “put down” any praise. “Aw, shucks, it was nothing; anyone could have done that.” I’ve set things up where I get something—not much, not what I really want or need, but at least something.
  3. Then  there are patterns that we created unconsciously, most likely when we were preverbal; ways of getting attention, getting praise, nurturing, etc.

And because we live in such an imperfect world, most of these patterns turn out to be what I call settling for “second best.” We don’t get what we really want or need, but we get something. (AND this whole piece creates a HUGE underlying pattern of thought, “I don’t really deserve the best.” Take a look at how that one plays a role in life!)

The prayers and affirmations in the first part of this section of Chapter One deal mostly with patterns of thought/behavior/belief that we are conscious of (#1), and with which we can pin down a root cause.

Here we can definitely use:
“I am Word through this memory, and I am Word through any manifestations and any belief systems that were created through this memory that are no longer in alignment with my highest good. I am now choosing to release any patterns of failure or ridicule or belief in comfort to be attained through ridicule or failure that may have been created through this situation and through this time. I am Word through this memory and all that it has begotten me. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”


“I am now making the choice to have this cleared once and for all and I intend now to release any unconscious behavior that would have me reclaim this pattern that I have stated I am now free of. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

With these conscious patterns(#1) and those that are more general in nature(#2) we can add:

“I am now in dominion over my thinking. I am now realizing myself fully as the one in control of my thinking. I am now choosing to think only those thoughts that will bring me benefit and anchor in this new way of thinking fully into my consciousness. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”


“I am now choosing to think only those thoughts which will bring me peace and will align me to a higher consciousness. I am doing this easily and through my own intention to know myself as Word. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

I do not think the book addressed #3 as much as I would have liked so I have prayerfully taken the liberty to create another prayer/affirmation for those patterns that we might have created even before we had the cognitive awareness of what we were doing or what we were doing it for. (Those attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that might have sprung from our deep need for survival.)

“Word I am Word in knowing that what I am doing, how I am thinking, how I am speaking to myself, is an old pattern that no longer serves me. I am willing to release this fear/worry/doubt, this semblance of security that no longer works for me.
I open myself up to the power, the Grace, the presence of the Divine within me to release, heal and transform this pattern that I might be free of the restraints of the past and be open to the freedom of the present moment.
Word, I am Word through this intention.”

You are always free to create your own prayers and affirmations in any part of this work. 

A Course in Miracles reminds us that “If you bring the past into the present, you create a future just like your past.”

As we grow in awareness and self-honesty we begin to realize that old stuff just no longer fits. It might have been good for awhile. It might have protected and nurtured me in certain ways, and I can be grateful for that, but as the song says, “What Used to Work Ain’t Workin'.”

I’m thinking that perhaps the idea of a pattern  “Not fitting” could also produce some judgment, so how about—“It’s just not my style anymore. It might be fine of someone else, it’s just not ‘me’ anymore.”

As I mentioned Sunday, when I read: “Now Paul asks, “Is this done quickly? Does this happen overnight? What is the process of this?” It happens in stages.”

I was immediately reminded of that wonderful passage in the Velveteen Rabbit: 

“The Skin Horse had lived longer in the nursery than any of the others. He was so old that his brown coat was bald in patches and showed the seams underneath, and most of the hairs in his tail had been pulled out to string bead necklaces. He was wise, for he had seen a long succession of mechanical toys arrive to boast and swagger, and by-and-by break their mainsprings and pass away, and he knew that they were only toys, and would never turn into anything else. For nursery magic is very strange and wonderful, and only those playthings that are old and wise and experienced like the Skin Horse understand all about it. 

"What is REAL?" asked the Rabbit one day, when they were lying side by side near the nursery fender, before Nana came to tidy the room. "Does it mean having things that buzz inside you and a stick-out handle?" 

"Real isn't how you are made," said the Skin Horse. "It's a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real." 

"Does it hurt?" asked the Rabbit. 

"Sometimes," said the Skin Horse, for he was always truthful. "When you are Real you don't mind being hurt." 

"Does it happen all at once, like being wound up," he asked, "or bit by bit?" 

"It doesn't happen all at once," said the Skin Horse. "You become. It takes a long time. That's why it doesn't happen often to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don't matter at all, because once you are Real you can't be ugly, except to people who don't understand." 

"I suppose you are real?" said the Rabbit. And then he wished he had not said it, for he thought the Skin Horse might be sensitive. But the Skin Horse only smiled. 

"The Boy's Uncle made me Real," he said. "That was a great many years ago; but once you are Real you can't become unreal again. It lasts for always.” 

There is more to explore here, so I will be back later today(Wed.) or tomorrow to finish up this week's lesson.

Peace, Blessings, Gratitude