Monday, October 26, 2015


One of the most powerful truths that keeps coming through to me is that: This transformation is happening now! We probably will not see the results this lifetime, but to believe, truly believe and work from the idea that by raising our frequency we are raising the frequency of everyone around us is a truly remarkable thing.

I am reminded of Jesus words to(doubting) Thomas; “Blessed are those who have not seen yet have believed..” I know we are a part of that.

One theme that stand out here is HAVING A BODY.

“Bodies are vehicles of consciousness and nothing more. ”

“Paul had a discussion yesterday with a man who said, “I just want to leave my physical form.” And we said, “The physical form is where this needs to happen in.” And we want to explain what we meant.”

“People, throughout time, who have engaged in deep spiritual work have disguised self-loathing of the physical body or physical experience with a desire to attune to the higher realms. People have used spiritual growth as a way of escaping their issues or their pain. Convents have been requiems for many, many years for people who did not need to engage in physical reality but preferred a life of contemplation and the mind, and that is fine. However, we are telling you now that the vibration that you are anchoring in is in physical form, which means only that your experience of it, your experience of higher dimensional reality and frequency, will be experienced through the physical form that you exist in.”

So a huge part of the trip here is to work with the body, not as an illusion or something bad or weak, but as a vehicle for our learning.

Another piece from this section the book is about TIME.

For most people we live IN TIME, and time is the measure of change in the material world. We are not told to ignore that, but to realize that the world of time, the world of change is just a tiny piece of the picture. (and even though it is a tiny piece, we can do quite a bit of learning with it.)

“The moment you say, “Yes.” The moment you say, “Yes.” The moment you say, “Yes.” We will say it again. The moment you say, “Yes,” with your soul, with your consciousness, with your being, with your consciousness as the vibration of Word.”

The I love this next line: “WELL, I’M NOT THERE YET.”

That statement is a great example of the little self trying to define the bigger Self.

The little self is never there; the bigger Self is always there/here!

“Do you want to be? Do you want to be on this path? If you do, you are worked with by us.”

“I request that I am being served with the information and with the energies required for my shift in consciousness. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

In closing: 
“God bless you each as you journey forward. This has been an exciting experience for us to be able to give you this teaching. We are blessed in your creations. You must create the Word through your intention to resolve to become this light in choice.
“I am Word through my being. Word I am Word.

I am Word through my Christ consciousness. Word I am Word.

I am Word through my frequency. Word I am Word.

I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word.”

Thank you all for being a part of this continuing journey. I hope you can join us as we explore and experience the next book: THE BOOK OF LOVE AND CREATION.


“The following texts will be quite different. They will not draw on you as a character, nor will they assume you have any information on the subjects that you speak of prior to engaging with it. For this to occur, you have to become a cleaner channel, which means you must channel directly, and that will have to come through your willingness, through your belief, and through the identification of the Christ consciousness that is the teaching of this book.
When you understand that you are, in fact, aligned to the Christ consciousness, that it is not just an ideal to be worked towards, you vibrate at that frequency. When you are vibrating at that frequency, we can work through you very directly. Right now we work through you very well, and we are grateful for the instrument that is your energy system, and we are grateful for the imagination that you were born with that allowed you to believe that this could even be possible.”

Friday, October 9, 2015


p. 296-300


This last section of the chapter continues to reinforce the idea that all of us can be in and flow with the energy of LOVE INCARNATE. 
The simple formula is "Word I am Word through the one I see before me." Again, be aware that we probably could say "Love I am Love through the one I see before me" but when I "Word" through someone or something I am literally forced to engage my conscious awareness. 
It is good that the mind wants to know, "What does that mean?" 'Word I am Word" because then we have to answer that question instead of just rattling off some words. 
The answer is (in its longer form) "I am claiming my birthright as a child of God to be the embodiment of love, and by doing so I have the right and the ability to send that love outward to all beings I come in contact with. I am doing this with willingness and intention and I am focusing fully on the  individual before as an act of love."
It is so easy to just speak the words without having much energy behind them. The challenge here is to express this love that you are with meaning and power. 

“The miracle of this, in truth, is that you are beginning to see with eyes of Christ. You are beginning to see and experience the world with the wonder that you have acclimated to and the knowing that you have declared as your divine birthright. As you become love, you become in your awareness a vehicle for the higher frequencies to work with. And you will begin to find that you are led and directed and supported in those things that you need to do to support you, and this wonderful work will be made clear to you.
This does not mean that you are doing this work professionally. It may mean that you are riding in an elevator with someone who requires the light, or that you are teaching a student who, one day, will break through in consciousness in a way that will transform the planet, and you will have given him permission on an energetic level to remember who he is in frequency.
You do not have to know what the benefits of the work will be in order to do it. In a funny way, it’s not your business. “I am Word through those before me 
“What you do is you bring energy to everyone there. You are not depleted because, as we have told you, you are the conduit, you are the vessel that the divine frequency inhabits, is, and works through:

“I Am that I Am. I Am that I Am. I Am that I Am.”


Instead of getting into the whole “creating your own reality" stuff, which can get pretty sticky at times, the book emphasizes that the world we see and envision is the result of of many patterns of thought that have been going on for a long time. These patterns remain because we never think to question them. Kind of like the idea, “Well, that’s the way we’ve always done it.” 

What we are being challenged to do now is to look at our patterns of thought and consciously decide if we want to continue to believe that way. If we choose to continue to believe in the “old” way then our perception will remain where it was. 

Example: Let’s take the idea of what is referred to as “stewardship.” Biblically, man was given stewardship over all the earth and all the creatures of the earth. Up until recently that idea was interpreted as “Man is in charge of this planet and all its resources, and can do anything he/she wants with them.”

Today, however, for many people, stewardship now embodies a deep sense of reverence and responsibility towards this planet and all its inhabitants.
As this thought process changes the whole picture changes as well.

That’s just one example, but I think you can see the vast difference in realities that are created from those differing thoughts. 

Friday, October 2, 2015


p. 290-295

No matter where we are, no matter what the situation, no matter what we are confronted with, our prayer can always be:

“I am love with this one (or situation) I see before me. Word I am Word.”

Just last night a teacher friend of ours presented us with a similar prayer:

“I baptize you (this person or situation); and I name it good.”

One of the many things I love about this work is that the guides do not engage in arguments or rationalizations; they continually and simply offer us the ability to transform our thinking and our perception.

Now this loving exercise might be simple to do with someone we already love, and that is why the book says this is the “first step.”

I am going to be challenged when I am confronted with someone I do not like or a situation that is distasteful to me, but there are solutions here as well.

Even if I think I have my willingness and intention on the right track, I still appreciate the following prayer that helps me release any other negativity or resistance:

“I am Word through my willingness to forgive this one I see before me for all things done or experienced by me. I am Word through my knowing that the one before me is a perfect creation of God and I am willing to attune to that truth now. Word I am Word.”

As the book reminds us—affirmations and prayers such as this “set in motion” the change in consciousness required. It is all process, a continuing enfoldment of our ability to Love.

“Now “I am Love through the one before me” allows the love that is moving through you, that is as an aspect of the Creator incarnating as you, to be witnessed and expressed and received by the one you see before you. And if you have someone that you have had difficulties with, and you can truly experience them in love, “I am in love with this person,” you will then begin to feel the true gifts of the spiritual journey that you are on.
Earlier we said to you, if you could do this, many of your problems would vanish, and we are telling you that that is so. Because when you can achieve this level of consciousness, you can understand fully the level of manifestation that is yours, that is your heritage as a child of God. You are acting as the Creator, and you are loving as the Creator loves, without condition, you are love incarnate. “I love the man who hurt me” is not a personality construct. “I love the one who harmed my possessions,” “I love the one who left me behind” or “betrayed me” or “took my things.” You can do this through your consciousness.”

This is not la-la land. This is not let’s pretend that everything is wonderful. No, this is the deep realization that we have a  choice to behold everything and everyone in love or not. This choice does not come from the physical world or what happened to us in the physical world. It does not come from our emotional self which might still be attached to some feelings. This choice comes from the inner core of our being which is continually desires to affirm the truth. And so from the same place in Christian scripture that "I am the Word" comes from (John’s Gospel);
“God is love and he/she who abides in love abides in God and God in him/her.”

“…what is available to you in manifestation will be wondrous to you when you understand that it can be created through your consciousness. What is created in love is eternal. Please understand this. What is created in love is an eternal frequency and the gift of love to another stays with them long after the encounter has gone. You can witness someone in their perfection and transform their consciousness. You can see yourself as perfect and transform your own. When you love someone else in a truthful way, the action of love, the frequency and vibration of love, is who you are. You are love incarnate when you love.”

The guides suggest that we take some of this awareness and energy into a public place and say to yourself or whisper it out loud: 
“I am Love through the one I see before me. Word I am Word.”

“I am Word through those I see before me.”

A practice that I am working on cultivating:
As soon as I get out of my car to go to the grocery or some theory place like that, I open my willingness and pray, “Anyone who might need healing today in this place, let me be that instrument of love and light.” And then if I do not become too distracted by what I think I need, I will continue to affirm, “Word I am Word though all I see before me. Love I am love through all I see before me.” 


We are changing the world!!!!!!

Friday, September 25, 2015


p. 286-290
I am combining a couple of classes here.

As simple as this chapter sounds, it is quite challenging. We are being asked to view ourselves as LOVE. That's it. Not as our profession; not as any of our roles in life, not even as bodies, but as LOVE.
That should be simple, right? All we have to do is to see ourselves as we really are. This is a choice--not about feelings so much, but a choice as to how we perceive ourselves.
The only catch is that in order to perceive ourselves as love, we have to perceive everyone else that way too..

“When you understand for a moment that you are right where you are supposed to be in your consciousness and that the circumstances around you are things that you have created to bring you to this place of consciousness, you can then change them. But the perfection that you find in this moment of awareness will be profound. “I am where I am. I see where I am. I am right where I am supposed to be” will liberate you to take change as the miracle that it is. You have opportunities to grow, as does everyone. And you are all where you are supposed to be given what you know, what you have had available to you, and what you have come here to learn.”

The way a teacher friend of mine translates this is: "Instead of asking, "Why is this happening to me?" say, "This is happening for me. I might not understand why, but I have been given an opportunity to transform my thinking (raise my vibration) about this."

Now through willingness and intention, we have the ability to say:

“I am Love through the one before me, Love I am Love. Word I am Word through this intention.”
Or you can simply state,
“I am Love through this one I see before me. Word I am Word.”

There is no necessity for many words here. If you can affirm, "I am love incarnate," and then, "I am love through the one I see before me (no matter who that is), you have graced yourself and he world!

Saturday, September 12, 2015


We began to explore the idea in this book, and most spiritual literature, that when we are speaking of energies such as love, joy and peace, we are speaking much more  deeply than the level of feelings and emotions. Unfortunately, we do not have an adequate vocabulary for these concepts, and so when we are working on understanding these energies on a spiritual level it is very easy to confuse the emotional and the spiritual.

The book does  an excellent job in redefining love as a spiritual force and to separate the spiritual experience from the emotional one.

“However, love is not a feeling. Love can be felt, but it is not a feeling. Love is a frequency. It is the action of God expressing himself through you as love.”

As we examined this truth and how it affects us, we also explored other “feelings” some of which we might define as negative. 
Many times we are told we “should” not have these feelings. It is wrong to be angry or fearful or doubtful or even sad.
Now perhaps when I become fully in the flow of Love, none of these earthly feelings will affect me, but up until that time, how I feel or how I react to the stuff of life will be “grist for the mill” of my spiritual growth.

The shortest verse in Christian Scripture is “Jesus wept.”(at the death of his friend Lazarus). He was not above feeling sadness for the loss of his friend. 
So we also experience sadness, grief, fear, joy, impatience, annoyance, peacefulness—all of which are part of the human condition. We do not usually have much of a choice about how we are feeling, but we do have a choice as to how we hold those feelings. We can hold them in self-judgment (which is not very helpful) or we can hold them as points of growth and deeper awareness of Self and our relationship with God. 

Now that second choice is not always easy. It is much easier to try to distance ourselves from our “negative” feelings, but when I begin to realize that my feelings, even the ones that seem to be automatic, are my response to life situations, I can begin to work on transforming my responses.

OK back to love, beyond feelings. 

“God’s love is unconditional. Understand this, please. It is unconditional. It is manifested as you, as an aspect of you, and if you want to believe that you can experience yourself as love, you can attune to it. But you have to do this through your intentions. So:

“I am now manifesting myself as the energy of love. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”
As you manifest yourself as love, your experience begins to transform. And as it transforms, you understand yourself as a vehicle of the Creator in action.”

Saturday, September 5, 2015


Finishing up on the law of karma.
Yes, you reap what you sow. We are all responsible for what we have done and not done.

AND there is a higher law. The Law of Christ echoes the sentiments that Jesus spoke so often: “Go your way and sin no more.” Just as Jesus, through the unconditional love of the Father was able to wipe away physical illness, (the result of negative thought) so he also wipes away sin (missing the mark) and the results of sin, negativity and separateness through Love and Light.
But to have that working for us we need to go beyond words, because this is not about saying a quick prayer or mumbling some magic incantation. It is about a "change of heart" (what the word “repent” means). It means claiming this power within us and setting our willingness and intention to continually work out of this energy of love.
So for me, until I am completely living in this consciousness of Word—"I am one with God; the love of God flows to me and through me; there is nothing that can separate me from that love; we are all one; there is no truth in any judgment; etc."—I need to work on being constantly aware of the Presence of God within you and me. And when I forget,when I lose it; when I fall asleep; I dedicate myself to returning to that awareness.

“So we will say it very simply. When you are in the Christ frequency, you are operating from a different level. You are actually working with a higher frequency that, in many ways, will move through that karma and transform it so that you’re not on a battleground with your past actions in repayment or in fear.”

The last piece of this chapter dedicates itself to the truth that the path of the soul is always moving forward. This is a truth that goes well beyond our feelings, since many times our feelings will suggest that we are  stuck or moving backwards. That is simply the ego’s linear thought pattern judging and measuring the only way it knows how. 


Now here is the next step. Coming to believe that we are love incarnate.

Beyond the body, beyond the mind, beyond the emotions—we are love incarnate.

As ACIM states—"ideas do not leave there Source." And since each of us is an “idea” in the Mind of God, we have not moved from the Source itself.

“If you can imagine that you are all on a forward path, every man, every woman, every being on this planet is moving forward regardless of what they may appear to present in form, you will understand that your destinies are for good. We say that you are all on your way to the Source. Everyone is on their way to the recognition of who they are as an aspect of the Creator. “Word I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word” is stating that. “I am knowing. I am an aspect of the Creator made manifest in form. I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word.”

Sunday, August 23, 2015


P. 278-282

Just for a moment I want to go back to the last paragraph we studied:

“On a consciousness level of frequency, you have been transformed by the energies that are operating here at a higher level if you have given permission and engaged with the processes that we have suggested. Because they are actually designed to bring you to a higher frequency and to acclimate your field to the Christ vibration, which is, as we have said, what you truly are. Period.”

The ego would love to jump in here and suggest you are probably not doing this right. If you notice that kind of reaction or response, gently stop. It is not time to get into an argument with the ego, simply know, if you are reading this, you have already dedicated yourself to this work with willingness and invention. The energy and the transformations are taking place within you, whether you are conscious of them or not. 

The awareness that is arising in each one of us is allowing us more and more freedom of choice in how we respond to life situations. To me that is the true measure of growth, the expansion and awareness of our ability to choose.
“Now we would like to give you some exercises to distill this information and chapter in a way that you can work with practically when you encounter situations that perhaps you perceive to be trials. The first thing you need to do is recognize that the situation has the potential to transform your life in a positive way. Once you do this, you release some of the fear that you have attached or would normally attach to the circumstance that you are faced with. The second thing you need to do is make the decision to remain in your power through this cycle or situation of transformation.”

Whenever the guides suggest they are going to give us some exercises, the statement is usually followed by some of these indented prayers/affirmations.
This is very different from the exercises we are used to. Here we do not really do anything except be open to the energy flow that comes from the words and their meaning. Again—openness, willingness, intention—the rest will follow. That is what Jesus meant when he would say so often, “Your faith has made you whole.” There does not appear to be any activity, and there might not be any in the outside world, but the soul is very active in its openness and receptiveness. 

“I am Word through my intention to acclimate my frequency to the highest level of consciousness available to me, to show me the way through my present circumstance. I affirm that I am being led by my soul’s destiny, by my own higher knowing, and by those guides and teachers who would help me as I grow and transform in wonderful ways. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”
When you do this, you are bringing frequency to the multiple areas that are inhabiting this problem or situation. You can also bring the energy directly to the situation as follows.
“I set the intention as follows. I am Word through the situation that presents itself to me as an opportunity for change. I affirm that only good will come from this situation and that I am being led through it in a high way towards my perfect destiny. I align the situation to the higher frequencies through this constant affirmation: I am Word through this situation. Word I am Word.”


I was speaking to a newer member of the class who was asking about the language, “Word I am Word” and what that means. The first thing I mentioned was the prologue to John’s Gospel—“In the beginning was the Word, and that the language or “wording” allow us to identify with this power of creative consciousness within us.

I sat with the question a little longer and became aware that when we say, “Word, I am Word…” this is spiritual shorthand for saying/praying: “I am claiming my power with the Oneness of the creative power and consciousness of Christ within me and I am directing that power to this person/place situation.” 

So if I am saying, “Word I am Word through the one I see before me.” That is shorthand for saying, "I am choosing to claim my power as a loving being/child of God to see this one before me in his/her perfection also as a child of God."

OR  if we are focusing on  a situation. “Word I am Word with the situation before me” I am also saying: "I am claiming my power as a co-creator with God to learn whatever it is I need to learn from this situation. Through the power of love within me, I am willing to transform any fear, anger, or other negativity I might be holding. May any negativity be transformed into love and peace. May I continually know I am perfectly safe."

Got it?