Thursday, March 26, 2015



You have to say on a certain level that “I will allow myself to begin to experience my experience in a dimensional way that exceeds the limitations that I was told I was allowed to have.” When you say, “Yes,” to this, you actually unlock a door in perception, in the perception of other realms of experience. And they can begin to address you through your consciousness. p. 172

This is a tough one for many of us. We have been taught to live in limitation, and we have also learned to define ourselves within limitation. If we perceive the world and other people as being unsafe, then we learned it is best to keep your head down. If you have a gift, keep it to yourself.

We could go about telling ourselves and everyone else that "the world is perfectly safe because it is an illusion to begin with," and if that works for you—use it.

What is more effective for me is to focus on my awareness of my Higher Self and reinforce the awareness that “nothing of importance can be taken away from me.”

So however you make that commitment, 
“I will allow myself to begin to experience my experience in a dimensional way that exceeds the limitations that I was told I was allowed to have.” say it often, remind yourself of it often and let it work for you.”

My ego became all involved when the book started speaking of clairvoyance, etc. I had the ridiculous image of me wearing a robe and a turban on my head holding crystal ball. And then I began to thank how cool it would be to have those other gifts; then I ought, "Well they haven't manifested yet, maybe I’m doing something wrong." And,of course, I wound up getting myself tied up in knots.

Then I recalled 1 Corinthians 13:1-3
"If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. If I give away all I have, and if I deliver my body to be burned,[a] but have not love, I gain nothing."

I discovered that one of the things that is going on with me lately is I am more aware and more compassionate. I am allowing myself to be much less judgmental of others and myself. If the thought or the urge to judge comes up (which it often does) there is a little more room inside me to decide to do the loving thing rather than the judging thing. 
 I am learning that I am not consciously in charge about how my growth and awareness shows up. I am here to do the work, and one myself up to the possibilities. 

As I continue to open myself up to Divine Love and Grace, I continually allow myself to go beyond these self-imposed limitations as well as those limitations I might have culturally inherited.

Monday, March 16, 2015


p. 165-172  

Finishing up the chapter on Boulders and beginning Identifying as Word.

Marvelous mediation and imagery at the end of the Boulder’s chapter, encouraging us to see ourselves in perfection.
Here is another place where willingness and intention are so important. You might not be able to “see” yourself in perfection, but you can be willing to do so, and that is a step. I found it helpful to imagine myself looking in a mirror, and seeing this being of light looking back at me. I did not have to define it or even be too specific about the image. OR you could imagine what it would be like to have LOVE looking back at you, or JOY or HOPE—you pick.

Once you have a feel for this, you can create and recreate this image whenever you want. Just taking a break for a few seconds to recall that sense of love or perfection can be life changing.

Luke 11:24-26The Danger of Emptiness
24 “When an evil spirit comes out of someone, it travels through dry places, looking for a place to rest. But it finds no place to rest. So it says, ‘I will go back to the home I left.’ 25 When it comes back, it finds that home all neat and clean. 26 Then the evil spirit goes out and brings back seven other spirits more evil than itself. They all go and live there, and that person has even more trouble than before.”

The above quote is not about fear, it is much more about the action(s) involved after we release a boulder. “Nature abhors a vacuum” and so does Spirit. 
You could look at this next chapter as “filling up” the space vacated by the boulders we are  letting go of, but it is so much more than that.

There is a huge shift in focus here, and you will be able to sense that because there is a distinct change in language in this chapter. The language and concepts become much more metaphysical, and really begin to push us to a deeper awareness  our perfection and power as creator.

A powerful aspect of this shift is that instead of talking about getting rid of or releasing negative energy patterns of thought and action, the focus now is on the essence of who we are as perfected beings. So we are pushed to focus now on Truth rather than what is getting in the way Truth. This is a huge leap in learning—like going from multiplication tables to calculus. 

I found myself becoming resistant here, like Paul, wanting to figure everything out; wanting all the answers right now, so that I could feel safe.

So now I come face to face with my biggest challenge—to love and accept myself as God does. As I have so often reflected, this is not new or revolutionary. Myrtle Fillmore’s declaration is the foundation of Unity prayer and much of the Unity movement, “I am a Divine child of God I do not inherit illness” or I could say, “I see myself in the  perfection in which I am created.” or in the language the book might use, “Word I am Word as a reflection of my Divine Nature and Divine Truth.”

A word of caution(?). We are encouraged to be aware that we do not know how this perfection will be expressed in the physical world. It might be expressed with a complete healing of our imbalance or illness; or we might hold our infirmity differently, more lovingly-i.e. we might realize our illness or physical imperfection is allowing us to be more compassionate of others or that it is opening our heart and insight in some other way; or we might find that we are healed but not cured—we might still have all the symptoms, but we are joyfully unattached to them.

“Now this means you can be healed and you can be changed. It does not mean that we can undo things, in some cases, that have been presented to you karmically or through physical changes that cannot be rebirthed in this body. ” p. 167

Although the book and guides work very hard to explain everything, there are time when we are simply thrown back into mystery, that which we cannot fully comprehend with our thinking mind.

We enter into the PROCESS of realization/acceptance of this Divine self that we are. 

And here is decision one:
Am I entitled to be in my perfect self, in a perfect manifestation of myself that translates into physical form? Am I now allowing myself to have permission to believe that this can be so?

I think any of us who have gotten into this book and not thrown it away yet or moved onto a favorite mystery novel can truthfully say “Yes” to those questions. Doubt only arises in the ego, which we all have, but if we allow ourselves to see through the doubt for a moment, and not argue with it or even think about it too much, we will become aware of that deep truth sense that says “Yes.”  and the “Yes” does not have to be overly emphatic—-we are acknowledging the Possibility that this true.

We ended just opening the door to: 

“Decision two is a different kind of decision. It’s a decision about the willingness to acquire the ability to emerge from this process with new abilities that you will hold in consciousness that will then be translated into your experience in the physical realm.”

Here is the challenge, to get out of our heads which thinks, “Oh, that’s a nice idea,” and move into our soul’s awareness that says, “I am willing to allow my spiritual growth to manifest in all ways to me and through me, physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually. 

As the guides would say—“Thank you and Good Night.


Wednesday, March 11, 2015


P. 156-164

This class starts with the idea of channeling energy, which we all do, but here with a special emphasis on healing.Those of you who are familiar with Reiki, Healing Touch or other forms of energy healing are well aware that you are not using your own energy for healing another, nor are you dictating or directing what the energy should do. You are opening yourself up as a channel, a conduit, for that healing energy of God/the universe to flow through you. 

I believe we are involved in a similar kind energy exchange when we pray for someone. The most effective prayers are those that originate with love, and where we hold the other person in the highest loving vibration as possible, and do not dictate the outcome (which we are not in control of anyway).

Simply put, identifying with the energy of the Word is not about the ego or control. It is Grace. It is openness to the Divine flow, to you and though you.

And, as was mentioned before anything we put in the context of “I am the Word through…”  with willingness and intention raises the frequency of whatever it is we are holding int that energy.

As the book states simply and powerfully:

“God within you is working on the boulder and the Word is the frequency of God in action.”

Then we move to a “new willingness to change.”

“I am willing now to stand firm in my willingness to see that which I need to clear once and for all to bring me into alignment with my own Christed Self. I am willing to become aware of those behaviors and those patterns, those belief systems, those boulders of pain that stand in the way of my achievement and my design as a Christed Being come into form. I affirm now that I am being supported in this release in perfect ways by the energies, the powers, the guides, and the teachers who are working on this passage into Christed Self awareness and achievement. And I do this now with joy and with willingness. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

The more aware I become, the more I realize what works and what doesn’t. I also become aware that what is NOT WORKING is painful.(It’s probably always been painful, and either I was totally unaware or worked very hard to cover it up—like being in denial of an addiction for example).

I don’t know about you, but I was relieved when I was told I did not have to know “all my stuff” in order to have it be part of this process of healing and release. I might not know exactly what it is that is causing my pain, but I can be aware I am out of balance, something is not right, or I’m holding onto a pattern of thought or behavior and do not know why. I can still put all of that into the “Word” so it can be healed and released.

Then we come to our old friend Suffering. a favorite catch phrase to many is “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” That always sounded  very wise, but I never really knew what it meant because I certainly continued to have my share of pain and suffering and I could not usually differentiate between the two.

Recently I became aware of my personal dynamics around suffering. I will describe it this way:

“Suffering comes from being angry at what is, and the reason why suffering keeps repeating itself is not only because I am trying to control something I cannot, but because I am also blocking myself from experiencing the feelings which are being generated by this life circumstance. (I think I am avoiding feelings such as grief, loss, etc. but all I am really doing is creating more suffering by NOT allowing myself to experience the feelings.)

And the book goes a step further: 
“Suffering is what occurs when man establishes a pattern of pain and then rotates it, as it were, through his consciousness and it cycles and cycles and cycles. Now sometimes when this happens, a creation is formed. A pain creation. And the pain creation hangs out in the auric field and feeds off the energy of what is being expressed emotionally, and we can call this if you wish, a parasitic energy or a demon, although we dislike the word because it has connotations to it that are inappropriate, misleading, and create fear. This is not a chapter on demons. This is a discussion of boulders.”

First off, I believe this is what Eckhart Tolle referred to as the “pain body” in The Power of Now. (Up until now I only had a vague idea of what he was talking about.)
And also, to get it out of the spooky realm, what is being described above is not an obscure principle. It is even detailed in a form of psychology called Psychosynthesis. 

In short, we all have a constellation of sub-personalities that we have created. The “inner child” is a very obvious and publicized one, but all of us have a “rebellious adolescent”; a “rigid parent”, a “self-righteous preacher” and all sorts of other “voices” inside of us. Most of us are aware that these bits and pieces of our psyche can show up without our asking, and that they seem to have a life of their own. These “scraps” of our identity can be triggered by outside circumstances. For example, when I hear people getting angry at one another, I automatically “get little” and start feeling like a scared child. The response is no longer rational, but it “takes me over.” I would encourage all of us to think of some of our own examples here.

We are not intending to give any more power to these energies we have created; we are becoming aware they no longer serve us(they are boulders and we are releasing them). 

I am Word through my intention to now release myself from any energies that are externalized or have been created by me that operate independently from my own consciousness, that may be impacting me in a negative way. I am now choosing to release any and all parasitic energies that I may be holding in my frequency that are not mine, that are inherited culturally or have been given to me or created by me in any lifetime for any reason. I am now resolved that I am being supported in this release by my guides and teachers, and that I am cleared perfectly of any negativity that has created suffering and the pattern of suffering in my life. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

We will finish up on Boulders and begin a new chapter: IDENTIFYING AS WORD.

Peace, and gratitude for our shared journey.

Friday, March 6, 2015


p. 151-156

I think we can all be in agreement that “Boulders” are more patterns of thought and behavior than they are physical objects in our living space, and we are all in the process of clearing, cleansing, and dismantling old patterns of thought and behavior that no longer serve us.

When we “Word” something, “Word I am Word” through this pain in my shoulder, or my anger, or my willingness to grow, or whatever it might be, we are literally taking that thing, that pattern or that pain and raising it to a higher frequency so that:
  1. it can transform,  
  2. be released;
  3. or so we  hold it differently, see it, relate to it in a different way.                 

Our statement of “Word” is an affirmation of our willingness and our intention. 
What I was lead to discover in speaking this past week was this progression: 

1)Awareness(of the pattern, problem or pain I wish to release OR what I wish to enhance); 
2)willingness and intention; 
3)affirmation and prayer(taking the “formulas” right from the book.) 

I was also blessed with this funky little image of the guides/angels/Holy Spirit helping us along the way. There is an Olympic sport called “Curling.” It seems like a form a shuffle board, but instead of a puck they use this stone with a handle on top, and instead of a wooden surface it’s on the ice. Well, one of the competitors “bowls” the stone to the target a number of yards away. Here is where it gets interesting. Two or three other team members have these “brooms” and are sweeping like maniacs in front of the stone to make the path smoother, get rid of any debris and also to help guide it (without touching) to its proper place. 
So the work and effort is ours—the throwing and aiming of the stone, but there are guides and angels who are working like crazy to help it get to the right place.

Here’s a little youtube clip if you’ve never seen it before.

I found the book to be a little confusing in speaking on surrender.

At first it says:

“When we speak of surrender, and we speak of surrender as, “God, I can’t handle it, I can’t take it, it is too big for me,” what you are doing is you are releasing a boulder and you are aligning to the great powers that will clear it for you. We are doing the same thing with intention to the extent that you understand “I am Word” is not the ego self, it’s not the personality. It is the Christ within you that achieves the work and deserves the glory. “I am Word through my problem” brings that action to the problem.”

And then:
“Now Paul is wondering, “Can’t we just say, ‘I give up’? Can’t we just be powerless? It’s so much easier than memorizing a meditation or standing on a corner and seeing everybody as perfect.” We can say yes, if you want to surrender, you will be worked with at that level as well. ”

Those two forms of surrender seemed pretty much the same to me, although the guides seemed to suggest that the second one—Paul’s “I give up”—-is quite limited.

The clarifying point comes right after this:
“But if you can understand that one of the things that will happen, indeed, when you create a new pattern is that in likelihood you will be required to confront that thing that you have created and say, “I give up. I give it to the Christ. I am Word through this thing I see before me. Take it, take it, take it,” you are also saying, “I am in the process of reclaiming myself as my Divine Self.”

One of the ways I make this distinction is that there is "helpless" or “victimhood” surrender—the kind that says “I can’t do it; I will let God (as an outside source) do it for me.” and “empowerment” surrender when I realize in my current state of mind and awareness I am not able to change or handle this (I’m doing the same thing expecting different results), but I am willing to be be open to be guided by God and Spirit to hold this thing and work with it differently. In other words I am dropping the ego’s solutions and opening up to my soul’s solution. Surrender in this case is the recognition of a power greater than my ego which is truly in charge, but which also a part of my Self.

The paragraph on p. 155 beginning with “Now to the extent…” is asking us to BE GENTLE with ourselves. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!