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p. 296-300


This last section of the chapter continues to reinforce the idea that all of us can be in and flow with the energy of LOVE INCARNATE. 
The simple formula is "Word I am Word through the one I see before me." Again, be aware that we probably could say "Love I am Love through the one I see before me" but when I "Word" through someone or something I am literally forced to engage my conscious awareness. 
It is good that the mind wants to know, "What does that mean?" 'Word I am Word" because then we have to answer that question instead of just rattling off some words. 
The answer is (in its longer form) "I am claiming my birthright as a child of God to be the embodiment of love, and by doing so I have the right and the ability to send that love outward to all beings I come in contact with. I am doing this with willingness and intention and I am focusing fully on the  individual before as an act of love."
It is so easy to just speak the words without having much energy behind them. The challenge here is to express this love that you are with meaning and power. 

“The miracle of this, in truth, is that you are beginning to see with eyes of Christ. You are beginning to see and experience the world with the wonder that you have acclimated to and the knowing that you have declared as your divine birthright. As you become love, you become in your awareness a vehicle for the higher frequencies to work with. And you will begin to find that you are led and directed and supported in those things that you need to do to support you, and this wonderful work will be made clear to you.
This does not mean that you are doing this work professionally. It may mean that you are riding in an elevator with someone who requires the light, or that you are teaching a student who, one day, will break through in consciousness in a way that will transform the planet, and you will have given him permission on an energetic level to remember who he is in frequency.
You do not have to know what the benefits of the work will be in order to do it. In a funny way, it’s not your business. “I am Word through those before me 
“What you do is you bring energy to everyone there. You are not depleted because, as we have told you, you are the conduit, you are the vessel that the divine frequency inhabits, is, and works through:

“I Am that I Am. I Am that I Am. I Am that I Am.”


Instead of getting into the whole “creating your own reality" stuff, which can get pretty sticky at times, the book emphasizes that the world we see and envision is the result of of many patterns of thought that have been going on for a long time. These patterns remain because we never think to question them. Kind of like the idea, “Well, that’s the way we’ve always done it.” 

What we are being challenged to do now is to look at our patterns of thought and consciously decide if we want to continue to believe that way. If we choose to continue to believe in the “old” way then our perception will remain where it was. 

Example: Let’s take the idea of what is referred to as “stewardship.” Biblically, man was given stewardship over all the earth and all the creatures of the earth. Up until recently that idea was interpreted as “Man is in charge of this planet and all its resources, and can do anything he/she wants with them.”

Today, however, for many people, stewardship now embodies a deep sense of reverence and responsibility towards this planet and all its inhabitants.
As this thought process changes the whole picture changes as well.

That’s just one example, but I think you can see the vast difference in realities that are created from those differing thoughts. 

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