Friday, September 25, 2015


p. 286-290
I am combining a couple of classes here.

As simple as this chapter sounds, it is quite challenging. We are being asked to view ourselves as LOVE. That's it. Not as our profession; not as any of our roles in life, not even as bodies, but as LOVE.
That should be simple, right? All we have to do is to see ourselves as we really are. This is a choice--not about feelings so much, but a choice as to how we perceive ourselves.
The only catch is that in order to perceive ourselves as love, we have to perceive everyone else that way too..

“When you understand for a moment that you are right where you are supposed to be in your consciousness and that the circumstances around you are things that you have created to bring you to this place of consciousness, you can then change them. But the perfection that you find in this moment of awareness will be profound. “I am where I am. I see where I am. I am right where I am supposed to be” will liberate you to take change as the miracle that it is. You have opportunities to grow, as does everyone. And you are all where you are supposed to be given what you know, what you have had available to you, and what you have come here to learn.”

The way a teacher friend of mine translates this is: "Instead of asking, "Why is this happening to me?" say, "This is happening for me. I might not understand why, but I have been given an opportunity to transform my thinking (raise my vibration) about this."

Now through willingness and intention, we have the ability to say:

“I am Love through the one before me, Love I am Love. Word I am Word through this intention.”
Or you can simply state,
“I am Love through this one I see before me. Word I am Word.”

There is no necessity for many words here. If you can affirm, "I am love incarnate," and then, "I am love through the one I see before me (no matter who that is), you have graced yourself and he world!

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