Saturday, September 5, 2015


Finishing up on the law of karma.
Yes, you reap what you sow. We are all responsible for what we have done and not done.

AND there is a higher law. The Law of Christ echoes the sentiments that Jesus spoke so often: “Go your way and sin no more.” Just as Jesus, through the unconditional love of the Father was able to wipe away physical illness, (the result of negative thought) so he also wipes away sin (missing the mark) and the results of sin, negativity and separateness through Love and Light.
But to have that working for us we need to go beyond words, because this is not about saying a quick prayer or mumbling some magic incantation. It is about a "change of heart" (what the word “repent” means). It means claiming this power within us and setting our willingness and intention to continually work out of this energy of love.
So for me, until I am completely living in this consciousness of Word—"I am one with God; the love of God flows to me and through me; there is nothing that can separate me from that love; we are all one; there is no truth in any judgment; etc."—I need to work on being constantly aware of the Presence of God within you and me. And when I forget,when I lose it; when I fall asleep; I dedicate myself to returning to that awareness.

“So we will say it very simply. When you are in the Christ frequency, you are operating from a different level. You are actually working with a higher frequency that, in many ways, will move through that karma and transform it so that you’re not on a battleground with your past actions in repayment or in fear.”

The last piece of this chapter dedicates itself to the truth that the path of the soul is always moving forward. This is a truth that goes well beyond our feelings, since many times our feelings will suggest that we are  stuck or moving backwards. That is simply the ego’s linear thought pattern judging and measuring the only way it knows how. 


Now here is the next step. Coming to believe that we are love incarnate.

Beyond the body, beyond the mind, beyond the emotions—we are love incarnate.

As ACIM states—"ideas do not leave there Source." And since each of us is an “idea” in the Mind of God, we have not moved from the Source itself.

“If you can imagine that you are all on a forward path, every man, every woman, every being on this planet is moving forward regardless of what they may appear to present in form, you will understand that your destinies are for good. We say that you are all on your way to the Source. Everyone is on their way to the recognition of who they are as an aspect of the Creator. “Word I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word” is stating that. “I am knowing. I am an aspect of the Creator made manifest in form. I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word.”

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